Advice on buying a Puppy

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26. Jun 2019
Advice on buying a Puppy

Advice on buying a puppy


Purchasing or rehoming a puppy is a big decision. But once you have made it and considered the long term commitment of owning a dog. The search starts to find the right one.


Of course, theres many breeds and a lot of research should go into choosing the correct kind of dog, as well as planning the dogs daily routines and care, the financial impact a dog can have and the commitment involved.


But In this article though I would like to focus on the purchasing of a puppy. What to look out for, when buying a puppy and the correct questions to ask.


Puppy breeders can range from the Kennel Club Assured Breeders to the backstreet puppy farmers.

Puppy Farmers are breeders who will have a turn over of several dogs a year. They buy them, over breed them and then rehome them. They put profit before welfare. They produce sick and poorly  puppies which can be sold on to dealers and pet shops. 


Dealers will advertise over the internet and can be very convincing in their claims to be the puppy’s breeder. So you need to be prepared to ask questions and spend time with the breeder to ensure you are not lining the pockets of puppy farmers.


What to look for in a puppy advert:


Is there a nice big description of the puppies and parents?

Can the puppies be seen with Mum? ( Even better, Mum and Dad)

Are the puppies microchipped?

Have the puppies been regularly wormed and flea treated?

Are the puppies Vet checked?

Are the puppies vaccinated?

If all the above is a tick, its time to contact the breeder


Questions to ask the breeder:

Whats the mothers personality like?

How many litters has mum had?

How many puppies were in the litter?

Can you see the other puppies?

Were the parents health screened for any hereditary conditions, relevant to the breed and if you can see a copy of the results?

Has mum or dad had any health issues?

Have the puppies been socialised with visitors, handled by children?


Once satisfied with the above. When visiting the breeder look out for:


Are the puppies bred indoors or if outdoors are they in a nice clean, warm environment.

Don’t be rushed and where possible visit the breeder and puppy more than once

Does Mum look at home? Is she happy and friendly?

How does she interact with the breeder? Is she happy to be around them?

How does she interact with the puppies?

Does Mum look healthy? Shiny coat? Bright eyes?

Do all the puppies look healthy, bright eyes? Forward? playful? Be wary of symptoms like runny eyes or noses, dull, matted or patchy coats, signs of diarrhoea, weakness or wobbliness or a puppy that sits forlornly in the corner.


Signs of a puppy farm:


Several different breeds of dogs with litters.

Puppies have diarrhoea.

Weak looking puppies.

Being rushed.

Areas being out of bounds.

Excuses of not being able to see the Mum.

Barking in another area of the premises

Mum not being in the same area as the puppies

No paperwork for the Mother or father

The puppy is less than 8 weeks old and being rehomed.

Vaccination records fare rom a different area. For example your viewing the puppy in essex but the vaccination records are from Wales.

The breeder will post all relevant paperwork to you after the sale.


Once you are sure you are making the right decision….


Before handing over any money please be sure that your puppy comes with the following……


A record of the vaccination from the breeders vet.

Microchip paperwork ( Legal Requirement)

A note from the breeder of:

The Brand of wormer used and dates, pup has been wormed.

The Brand of the flea treatment used and when.

The food pup is on and where to purchase it.

How often pup is being fed

Kennel club paperwork (If pup is KC Registered)

A written purchase agreement or receipt with all the breeders details on there.


What to do if you think your at a puppy farm:


Quite simply walk away. Do not line their pockets. 


If you are concerned in any way about a breeder or an establishment, you can report them confidentially to Trading Standards. If there are signs of obvious neglect or cruelty, contact the RSPCA as soon as possible. 

If you have bought a puppy from a classified ad or website that has proved to be poorly or have behavioural problems, please report this to the Pet Advertising Advisory Group.


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