Pet Boarding vs Pet Sitters

Pet Boarding vs Pet Sitters. Should I use Kennels or a pet sitter

29. Feb 2020
Pet Boarding vs Pet Sitters

Pet Boarding vs Pet Sitters


What's Better Boarding a Pet or Hiring a Pet Sitter


Pets are a part of your family, but you can’t always take them with you when you travel. Although more and more places are getting pet friendly. There are just some commitments, be it travel for work, family wedding that you just can’t take them with you. Part of planning a trip is figuring out where your four-legged companion will stay. It’s important to weigh the pros and cons to decide if you should enlist a pet sitter or opt for pet boarding.We’ve outlined what you need to know about both boarding and pet sitting to help you make the best decision for you and your pets.


Every animal handles the stress of there family leaving for a couple of days differently. Do your pets like other pets? Or do they not handle change very well? These are important things to take into consideration when choosing the best option.



What is Pet Boarding?


Boarding was one of the more popular options for watching pets. While this may conjure up images of dozens of animals locked in small crates and cages, or they instantly think of a dog kennel. That isn’t necessarily the case nowadays. Pet boarding can actually be a real treat for your pet. If you have a social dog who likes to be around other pets and people, dog boarding could be an excellent choice for your pup. Some pet boarding facilities are like resorts for your animals, with individual rooms, play dates, pools, spa treatments and more.

Boarding is typically a cheaper option. However It’s not a good option for pets that need a lot of attention or activity. Extra walks or playtime can cost extra and push the price up considerably. If you have a pet that needs a lot of one-on-one or medical attention, a boarding facility may not be for you. Some pets may get stressed by all the other animals and noise when staying in a boarding facility. Again this may mean pet boarding is not for you.

However the structure of a pet boarding facility can also be great for pets. Most pet boarding facilities will have the same routine every day to keep them on a schedule. 


What Does a Pet Sitter Do?


The good  thing about hiring a pet sitter is that you can meet your pet sitter beforehand and watch them interact with your pet. Interview them, give them your pets schedule. Let your pet show you ,they are happy with your choice. Some pet sitters will move into your own home whilst your away or others will take them back to their own home, where they will be with other pets. These are both great options if you have pets that stress with big change. Therefor keeping them in their own environment and home comforts is good for them. At the same time a stay with other dogs and a sitter in their home can be really good fun for them. It’s also great if your pet has an illness or is susceptible to illnesses or has a weakened immune system. Lots of animals in one place increase the likelihood that your pet could catch something. This is really beneficial for dogs with separation anxiety or who get thrown off for a long time when they deviate from their regular routine.


The Final Decision


I think when it comes to choosing the correct option for your pet the most important thing to look into is how your pet copes with different environments and routines, taking all the above into consideration. Not all pet boarding places are the same. Each offers different facilities and carry different price tags. Pet sitters as well have diffferent levels of experience and offer different services. Before you choose any option I would most certainly recommend doing your research and reviewing testimonials, as well as looking for yourself at the facilities offered and meeting the carers, along with your pet.             


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