We rescued Rocky from Portugal in Nov 2019. He was a lovely energetic little pup of 7 months who had been in a loving home but the neighbours were shooting him with a pellet gun.
He had been given all jabs, had a passport and was neutered.
He has the loveliest temperament and is awseome with kids, my 4 year old has never been gentle as they often are not and he lets her just fuss him all the time.
He is much loved but is not getting the attention or excersise he needs.
We have taken him to training and done what we can but he needs someone who has the time and know how to get him to recall properly and not chase sheep or more over rabbits/chickens.
He is walked twice a day but often due to my overloaded schedule and lack of time they are emotionally sufficient walks and zi would love to see him with someone who has the time for him.
He is happy enough staying by himself, can be left during work hours but as I run 3 business, have 3 children on my own and am studying I just can't make the time for him.
He is chipped, registered, flea and worm free and an absolute delight. very loving and ot breaks my heart to rheometer him but I am a big believer that it has to be about him and what is best for him.
We just want him to have a lovely new home where he has the attention and training and love that he deserves.

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