blog - Scaffold branches will form other growth of course and this can be left unless it becomes too top heavy. Any dead or diseased branches should also be cut off. Minor blogger branches that grow downward, cross over another branch, or point towards the center of the tree should be removed. With apple trees, fruit forms on last year's growth. Annual pruning should be done in late winter, just before the tree begins to bud.

Wassail - Wassail, derived from the Middle English phrase 'was hail' (be healthy), was a hot, spiced drink and always associated with Yuletide in the Germainic countries. At the end of the singing, at the more affluent homes, hot spiced ale would be poured into their mugs. The carol singers would go singing from door to door, blog bringing their cups along with them. Wassail was actually a part of Christmas carolling in England and the traditional Christmas drink that it has now become.

Also, blog the proanthocyanidins grape seed extract contains anti-cancer properties.
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